Hypnosis Treatments

Hypnosis sessions Office Cairns and Live Hypnosis Online available from Cathy Barrow Hypnosis  cathy@cathybarrowhypnosis.com   

Click here to find out more about online hypnosis treatments to anywhere in the world. You will need to speak English and have a stable internet connection, camera and sound system https://www.cathybarrowhypnosis.com/live-video-hypnosis/

Hypnosis sessions are a trusted in many cases. Successful methodologies are used where clients have stopped smoking,  lost weight and overcome a fear of heights or a fear of flying and reduced their anxiety.

Hypnosis treatments have long been practiced throughout the world. Hypnosis is highly regarded as a treatment of choice for many of life’s challenges.

Cathy incorporates in her hypnosis treatments, mindfulness techniques in all of her hypnosis sessions specifically teaching breathing so the client especially those with anxiety have a proven method to quieten reign that anxiety in. Cathy is a holistic practitioner who believes that in some cases a multi – disciplinary method is essential for getting the client the successful results they need. That might mean recommending the client incorporates yoga or nutritional advice into their program.

Other pages under this menu item address several of those issues specifically. Cathy has a great talent for developing specific hypnosis treatments and strategies to suit individual client requirements as she has proven time and again. She was rated among the top three Hypnotists in the Geelong area two years running.

In addition, Cathy is a fantastic counselor with a wealth of life experience behind her. In addition to her Hypnosis she is a qualified Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner with a Level 11 Reiki Certification.

Cathy is a qualified Lomi Lomi Hawaiiwan Style Temple Maeusse who offers this as a stand alone service or as part of the hypnotic massage session.

Cathy is now offering hypnotic massage. revolutionary new method where the client receives hypnotic suggestions whilst being massaged. It makes sense that through touch and deep relaxation that a very deep state of trance can be attained. Whilst in this deep state , the client can accept the suggestions at an even deeper level for ultimate success.

For example, Cathy’s empathetic approach has added significant value to individuals and couples. Relationship issues specifically and life issues in general are a strong suit. Cathy has an incredible ability to instill in her clients a positive outlook and belief in themselves and their capabilities.

Cathy also has specialist knowledge in the career counselling and job training arena. She has worked in this area as a highly successful educator for many years.