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Cathy Barrow Hypnosi

Hypnosis sessions available from Cathy Barrow Hypnosis


Hypnosis sessions are efficacious for many issues. Hypnosis treatments have long been practiced throughout the world and is highly regarded as a treatment of choice for many of life’s challenges.

Other pages under this menu item address several of those issues specifically. Cathy has a great talent for developing specific hypnosis strategies to suit individual client requirements as she has proven time and again. She is rated among the top three Hypnotists in the Geelong area.

In addition, Cathy is a fantastic counselor with a wealth of life experience behind her. In addition to her Hypnosis she is a qualified Life Coach.

For example, Cathy’s empathetic approach has added significant value to individuals and couples. Relationship issues specifically and life issues in general are a strong suit. Cathy has an incredible ability to instill in her clients a positive outlook and belief in themselves and their capabilities.

Cathy also has specialist knowledge in the career counselling and job training arena. She has worked in this area as a highly successful educator for many years.