Testimonials from satisfied clients

Rose 2018 and 2019 To stop mindless eating and to achieve a fitness goal

“I have now had a couple of sessions with Cathy and found them very useful. My last session Live Online was about a habit I had picked up . Which was eating in bed not long after dinner, whilst watching TV until all hours. I would continue this eating until it was time for lights out . So this had to stop it was getting out of control and the weight was creeping back on. I messaged cathy for a session and she was onto it. All you need to do is sit back, close your eyes and Cathy will do the rest. The best part is you do not even have to leave home physically to see her. You can do this from the comfort of your couch, bedroom or favourite chair. I have also seen Cathy face to face when she was practicing in Geelong. I would definitely recommend cathy for hypnosis and would not hesitate to call her again about any other issue that might pop up.”

Annabel Meek 2018