The uses of Hypnosis for Pain Management

Click below for an article “Doctors use hypnosis on needle phobic”

Hypnosis used by Doctors on needle phobics

With the use of hypnosis for pain management, think about  going to the dentist and most people hate going to the dentist you will do your best to take your focus off the drill or what the dentist is doing poking around in your mouth even though your hands are perspiring. How do we do this? By using our imagination by using the mind to think of a calm scene, calm feelings and using our breathing to slow our heart down and breathing and relax as much as you can.

Well some people can do this whilst others are gripped with fear before and during the whole procedure. Hypnosis works just like the example I gave above except the hypnotist helps the client to go into a very deep state of relaxation/hypnosis so the subconscious mind can be given the suggestions that the client needs to manage his or hers anticipation of pain/or experience of real pain in everyday life and chronic pain. We can give the ability to turn your pain down and turn your level of comfort up. WIth practice and repetition you can learn to use this techniques or self – hypnosis any time you need it.

Remember when you fell over and scraped your knee and you cried and your mum came over and said “I’ll kiss it better ” and when she did it did feel better.

That’s the power of the mind at work and of course a clever mother.

Whether you are going into hospital for an operation or recovering from one or are in chronic pain -sometimes the only thing left to try is to use your mind and your imagination.

Did you know there was a Scottish surgeon called James Esdaille who operated using hypnosis and trance only with no anathestic on hundreds of patients in India . Hypnosis was also used in the Civil War if they ran out of Ether which really was the only anathestic they had.