Other Hypnosis Services to help you with 

Other Hypnosis Services to help you with

  • Past Life Regression – who were you in another life/era?
  •  Managing your Grief with the loss of someone or your dearest pet
  • Sexual Issues Impotence/loss of libido
  • Addictions/anger
  • Pain management
  • Goal Setting for Life and Career
  • Improving Sports Performance/football/golf
  • Improving Confidence and Self – Esteem
  • Improving Exam results
  • Public Speaking
  • increase motivation

Other Services Cathy offers

Available for Presentation and Speaking on Job Loss and Job Recovery

Cathy’s Job Ready Coaching and Wellness Coaching – Cathy is a Qualified Life Coach

Offered individually or in groups

Cathy’s Job Ready Coaching includes the following

  • Consultation for job seekers, school leavers, mums returning to work, retrenched workers includes analysis of current situation and recommendations for action plan to be job ready for employment program.
  • Discovering the right job
  • building confidence,
  • How to find the right job.
  • communication skills.
  • using the right body language.
  • Grooming and suitable clothes to wear.
  • how to write a application letter.
  • How to write a resume.
  • interview Skills.
  • Training options and advice on government assistance.

All participants receive a free copy of Cathy’s e book, ‘Finding The Perfect Career 7 – Steps to Get you Cracking Towards a Job You Love ‘ and accompanying workbook.

Cathy’s Wellness Coaching includes the following

Consultation which includes analysis of fitness and nutrition of client and recommendations and program to follow includes

    1. Fitness program.
    2. Eating program.
    3. Mind motivation program.
    4. Relaxation Program.

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Cathy Barrow