Cathy now offering hypnomassage in Mt Sheridan Cairns A revolutionary way of incorporating massage techniques and hypnotic suggestions at the same time. Come and have an amazing mind and body experience.

What is HypnoMassage ?

HypnoMassage therapy integrates therapeutic hypnotic suggestions with the gentle healing components of massage therapy to most effectively enable the body to rid itself of negative, underlying blocks and enter a path of rejuvenation and revelation.

Integrative Balancing of Mind & Body The massage given will be a relaxation massage not remedial. It will be upper body, back and legs only and will incorporate aspects and practice of Hawaiiwan massage.  Lomi Lomi is the beautiful spiritual healing centuries old Hawaiian Massage.When you combine the therapeutic health benefits of massage therapy with the powerful healing qualities and life changing aspects of hypnosis, you achieve the ultimate state of enhanced relaxation and concentration in which the deeper parts of the mind become more accessible, and true healing and self-discovery occur.

How does HypnoMassage Therapy Work?

Prior to your session a discussion is conducted to determine your specific needs and goals that can be addressed with HypnoMassage.Our unique approach to healing involves administering both Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy techniques simultaneously during a single session. While you are relaxing through massage, hypnotic suggestions are incorporated, as a deeper relaxation of the mind-body is induced. This allows the subconscious to be more focused and open to powerful therapeutic suggestions.Throughout each Hypno-Massage therapy session, you are awake and aware, yet deeply relaxed. Is HypnoMassage for Me? Sometimes old injuries may still be locked in the “muscle memory” of the body, preventing healing. HypnoMassage Therapy enables clients to experience a deep relaxed state and help release unhelpful emotions, relieve physical pain and simply feel lighter both physically and emotionally.

Every session is tailored to the individual.. We hope you will enjoy a lifted spirit, a renewed energy and a profound enhancement in many areas of your life.

Benefits of HypnoMassage

Anxiety & Stress Release
Body/Mind Healing
High Blood Pressure Management
I.B.S (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Insomnia /reduction elimination of
Memory Improvement
Pain Management/ reduction/management
Pre/Post Medical Procedure Anxiety
Total Relaxation
Self-esteem & Confidence
Self Healing: Mind & Body
Weight Control
Body confidence and improved sensuality

The massage being offered will be relaxation massage style incorporating  Lomi Lomi Temple Style Hawaiian Massage, The practice and philosophy of Lomi Lomi is a perfect companion for Hypnosis at the same time. Cathy is a qualified Lomi Lomi massseuse with over 60 hours of practical and theory training. “I am so excited to be offering this, it makes perfect sense that we can use Hypnomassage combining the use of touch and suggestions to induce a very deep hypnotic relaxed state for the client. It is another method of hypnosis which my clients can now experience where they can deal with their issues concerns in a very beneficial way.

All Hypno-Massage Therapy sessions may be tailored to meet your individual needs so that you can experience the greatest benefits possible. The hypnomassage is 1.5 hours and 15 minute pre session consult.

Prices HypnoMassage 2  hours inc 15  min consultation  $250  (includes hypnotic suggestions and massage- herbal tea – post hypnosis recording) includes 2 weeks unlimited yoga at Wild Heart Yoga Shower included if wanted.