Cathy Barrow Hypnosis

Thumb Sucking

Jayden T

I didn’t think this would work as I’ve tried everything to stop thumb sucking from plates to tapeing my thumb, I couldn’t believe it now 3 weeks later and I haven’t sucked it once! Thank you for being so understanding and easy to talk to, I couldn’t had gone to anyone better! 🙂

Needle Phobias

Bianca B

Cathy helped me get over my fear of needles with just one session! She was very kind and easy to talk to. I’m so glad I went to see her!

scared of needles
Needle Phobia

Reducing and Managing Chronic Pain

Mark B

Hi Cathy

“I know I have told you already but I need to put it out there and let people know just how awesome your work is I had major surgery planned for April 2015 and was quite concerned and stressed. Cathy produced a relaxation CD for me for pre Opp post opp.  I did listen to the pre opp a couple of times before I went in to hospital and was not sure if it helped. However after the operation I can’t tell you how important that CD was to me … The opp went wrong and I spent almost 6 weeks in hospital on some strong drugs unable to sleep and struggled to even function the pain was shocking but I would pop in the ear plugs and instantly relax your work Cathy is amazing. I swear by it even the hospital nurses were impressed and quite amazed. Even now being home if I can’t get to sleep I pop in the ear plugs and off to sleep I go …….. I don’t ever think I have heard the end of it. Love your work Cathy Barrow and thank you from the bottom of my heart as your work has played an important part in my recovery !!!!”

Pain Relief











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Getting Over Fear of Heights Fear of Flying 

Graeme June 2018

 “Cathy is a professional in every way, Her endeavor to source an acceptable out come and try different methods is first rate. For many years my Heights phobia has been of great concern and caused many problems, but with Cathy’s expertise and methods have proven to be a real life changer for myself. I personally highly recommend Cathy for anyone trying Hypnosis. “

Aliesha O’Brien June 2018 

“Best flight ever Cathy! Didn’t even need to hold my partner’s hand or listen to the hypnosis on take off. Thank you, thank you. I will be taking a flight to another island (my partner’s island) which I have never had the confidence to do before'”

no more fear of flying
I love flying








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Curing Your Insomnia

Cassie Bush April 2018

“Cathy helped me immensely to get a good night’s sleep and cure my Insomnia. It had been over 10 years! I am so thankful for finding Cathy! I enjoyed talking to her and listening to the recordings. Its just amazing to have my life back. Thanks Cathy! Highly recommended!!!!!!!”

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Reduce/Manage Anxiety and Depression  

Justin (not his real name) June 2017

” I came to see Cathy for 3 sessions, as I suffer constant anxiety especially in relation to being in social situations and also to do with my sexuality. Cathy taught me through the hypnosis sessions to learn how to relax and calm down before a situation occurred- she taught me how to turn the anxiety down and the comfort up . She also gave me other strategies out of hypnosis like doing yoga and practicing mindfulness. Cathy gave me recordings to listen to so the suggestions repeated over and over so I could change my thoughts and feelings through repetition. I now feel so much more confident and hopeful about my life “

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Lose weight easily 


 John March 2018 

“I had come to see Cathy to stop my cravings for sugar – I had also had a lap band put in some years prior and I had put all my weight back on. I came to see Cathy on a friends recommendation who had successfully quit sugar with the use of hypnosis with Cathy in 2 sessions. I was 150 kilos before I started with Cathy and in 9 weeks I have lost 12 kilos and I don’t miss sugar at all . I have learned what foods are really good for me and there is no deprivation on this program and no counting calories. I have been very satisfied with Cathy and her supportive friendly manner and of course the hypnosis she gave me”

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Hypnosis for Improving Sports Performance

February 2018 Brogan

needed help to focus on all aspects of his bowling as had lost his confidence and had huge expectations on him to perform well in the match. We used his passion for the game and reminded him of why he had chosen the sport along with other visualization techniques seeing himself having fun and playing his best game. He just needed to be reminded of how good he really was and how to relax using suggestions and self hypnosis that I taught him.

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Quit Smoking Hypnosis become a permanent non-smoker in 60 minutes Guarantee


Be the Boss


Cathy has assisted over 450  people now to quit smoking

Davina March 2018

“Hi Cathy
I just thought I would give u an update on how I was doing as I am sure u would appreciate the feedback.
Its now been 7 days since I was sitting in your rooms under going hypnosis to quit smoking.
The change has been phenomenal.. I just cant believe I haven’t had the cravings or addictions like I have had with other methods of quitting.”

Andy Baker May 2018

“I went to see Cathy 12 months ago for help with stopping smoking. I had been a smoker for most of my life on / off. As it happened I had also had recent life changes but wanted to try and conquer smoking. I had never tried anything like this before either.
Cathy not only helped me with her stop smoking program but spent time and efforts talking about life experiences, helping in other parts of my life. Her program not only helped me to stop but it also gave me tools and support ongoing for if any changes or needs occur. I would recommend Cathy as an investment in life and worth every cent. Absolutely amazing!!!
Five Stars for sure. “

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 Cathy Barrow Qualifications

  • Certificate IV Government Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist -Australian Academy of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy Rick Collingwood Mind Motivations
  • Stage Hypnotist
  • Cathy’ s certificates:- here
  • Certificate 1V Life Coach Certificate 1V Fitness Instructor
  • Certificate 1V Government Accredited Workplace Trainer and Assessor
  • Job Ready Coach – helping you prepare for a job, job and career and course guidance interview preparation and help with cover letters and resumes
  • Job Loss Counsellor for Professionals – very skilled at assisting people to cope and find strategies to move on from job loss talk to Cathy about her programs
  • Public speaker on hypnosis and moving past Job Loss
  • Reiki Practitioner Level 11
  • Lomi Lomi

Summary – Hypnosis Your Drug Free Alternative Using the Power of the Subconscious Mind!! Doctors and Other Medical Practicioners recognise and recommend hypnosis to their clients as a reputable and very helpful therapy to help their patients.

Hypnosis (also known as hypnotherapy) is a method of inducing a relaxed state of mind in order to treat mainly psychological or emotional disorders. Hypnosis in many cases can be very  effective in treating disorders including anxiety, asthma, chronic pain, fears and phobias, smoking, high blood pressure, insomnia, panic attacks and stress. A person cannot be hypnotised against their will. Hypnosis is a method of inducing a trance or a dream-like state of deep relaxation in order to treat disorders of a mainly psychological or emotional origin. It has been practised in various forms for thousands of years by many cultures including Druid, Celtic and Egyptian. Today, hypnosis is recognised by the scientific community as a very effective healing tool and change agent.

Cathy offers Quit Smoking Services as well. Visit her dedicated Quit Smoking site by..

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